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Student Groups in Spotlight - SNMH

Get to know your societies better! This week on Student Groups in Spotlight we have the SNMH society of midwifery, nursing and healthcare!

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Society of Nursing Midwifery and Healthcare 


Hi, we just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves we're SNMH, the society of nursing midwifery and healthcare at UWL. I’m Kay the President and Charlotte is the Vice President, and we are your committee for 2020. 

SNMH help the nursing, midwifery, and healthcare students at UWL. As 3rd year students we have been on this journey for a couple of years and are aware of some of the struggles you may come across. We have personal experience with preparing for our OSCEs and Viva Voca and not having as much support we would have liked to. We hope we can support you and make you feel less nervous and more confident in your exams. If you feel you need help and we have nothing available for you, please let us know and we will find a way to help you with a workshop or just want to have a chat with us. 

Last year the SNMH committee had a successful fundraising event to support two local charities. They hosted a Knife crime awareness event with UWLs own Dr Simon Harding as a guest speaker. The second-year students also held a workshop to aid in the 2nd year Viva Voca exam. This year things will be a little different and face to face events will not be happening however, we hope to offer more support to students with their studies. We will be putting on specific workshops for the exams and your membership would grant you access to these and any online sessions we will host. 

SNMH only costs £2 for the whole year and this will give you access to all the workshops we will be hosting based on your studies. The committee will host some online sessions where you will be able to ask us any questions and share any relevant experiences. We will be creating exclusive video content to demonstrate certain skills you will be required to learn and guides to aid you with your placements. 

To contact us and see what we are up to find us on Instagram and Facebook by searching UWL SNMH. Send us an email alternatively you can head over to and find us on the societies page. We hope to hear from you soon take care.





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