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Academic Groups

Build a community within your subject area to learn, grow and have fun together!

Society Dancing
Learn and develop your skills with students who study the same field as you 

What is an Academic Group? 

Academic groups are societies that are run by students, with help from us, to put on activities to get a step-up in your subject area. There are loads of opportunities to learn, such as: 
  • Guest lectures 
  • Networking events 

  • Debates 

  • Workshops 

  • Extra qualifications 

And anything else you want to put on to make your experience at UWL better! 

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what you had to say... 

“I’ve found that through Musical Theatre society I have been able to connect with people on my own course and other courses and talk about a common interest and It’s also really nice to meet people on different courses to your own. I also love how it helps me as a Musical Theatre student develop my skills further. I can’t wait for the coming year and the workshops we have organised, starting with a kinky boots dance workshop in October lead by me! I think this will be such a fun way to start the year and let go of any stress that we may have about the year ahead!” 

(Amie, Musical Theatre Society) 



How do I join an academic group?

Joining a group couldn’t be easier! You can find all of our academic groups here. Once you’ve found one you want to join, simply log in with your UWL login (in the student login box) and join. You can also find the committee’s contact details to find out about any upcoming events.

What if there isn’t a group for the field I study?

If you can’t find a group for you, we would love to help you start your own! Just fill in this form to let us know what group you would like to start, and we will get in contact with you.

If I join a committee, will I have to do everything?

Our dedicated Student Groups and Events Coordinators commit to supporting you to create an official UWLSU academic group. This will include things like creating a plan for the year, setting up a bank account with us, creating memberships and ensuring you have everything you need to get started.

Once you are set up, we will continue to support you throughout the year to manage and develop your group through:

  • 1-2-1 support meetings
  • Monthly committee forums
  • Online resource hub
  • Training and Development opportunities
  • Connecting you with course reps
  • Connecting you with Course leaders to promote and facilitate your group
  • Connecting you to our Partnership team who organise events with your respective school
  • Support with activity design and delivery

If you have any more questions, and we can answer them for you!