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ACE Network

An opportunity that was created for BAME students to learn new skills, feel empowered and prepare for their futures

SU President

Hello there and welcome to the ACE Network!

The ACE network (Aspire, Collaborate, Empower) has been set up by your Union President Ancha to give UWL BAME students the opportunity to not only develop and learn new skills, but feel empowered and informed. We provide leadership development tailored to the needs of our students.

This accessible and practical network has been developed to enable successful skill development for UWL BAME students.

The Purpose

UWLSU feels passionately about equipping students with the skills they need for the future, as well as reducing the BAME attainment gap, and increasing engagement across the sector!

The BAME attainment gap refers to the difference between the proportion of White UK-domiciled students who are awarded a 1st or a 2:1, and the proportion of UK domiciled Black and Minority Ethnic students who are awarded the same degrees. Ancha is working to close this gap not only at UWL, but sector wide.

This network also recognises the importance of lived experiences and student voice. We have already run sessions featuring guest speakers from UWL and UWLSU speaking of their experiences in leadership, and we plan to run many more

What does it involve?

We work with a variety of stakeholders both within the SU, University and externally to run different activities to equip students with the skills to lead and develop such as:

  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Careers advice
  • Public speaking

We want students to feel motivated, and confident!

What have we done so far?

We have heard from academics talking about Black Minority Ethnic Women in roles of academic leadership in Higher Education.

We have also heard from staff members discussing their lived experiences and talking about how these experiences have shaped their choices in life.

We worked with UWL Alumni who facilitated a session about setting up their online business. They gave some really valuable insight and helpful tips to individuals wishing to do the same.

You can view these past sessions on our downloadable resources on the left. 

In the most recent session, we collaborated with UWL careers to give a session on CV content and transitioning to virtual interviewing!

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in, keep an eye out on our social media for upcoming ACE workshops. Any events we are running will be posted online too, and you can buy tickets here.

Follow us on Instagram @A.c.e_leadershipnetwork_

Ancha's Journey


During Ancha’s time at the University of West London she got involved with lots of things to do with the Students’ Union. In her first year she became a course representative. She enjoyed collating input from her peers and feeding this back. She was also a member of the netball team and Afro-Caribbean societies.

From the beginning Ancha threw herself into any opportunity UWLSU had to offer! During her time studying, she became Vice Captain of the netball team and also the events planner for the Afro-Caribbean society. She also enjoyed her role at the SU as a student support assistant. During this time, it was Ancha’s responsibility to communicate with students and ‘signpost’ to the service teams.

Ancha enjoyed assisting the students so much that she decided to run in the March 2019 elections to be the VP of Activities and Participation. Ancha won the elections and it was now her turn to advocate for the students and make a difference!

During this time as VP Activities, Ancha struggled a lot with her confidence. Often, Ancha felt like she didn’t belong, many internal uncertainties prevailed, making her feel like she wasn’t good enough. Ancha was frustrated at feeling this way, and thus the ACE network idea was born.

Ancha’s vision was to create a leadership network where students could learn life-long skills, which would in turn help during their time at University and after graduation. She didn’t want any students to feel the same way she did.

After running for and winning the elections to become SU President, the ACE network was fully implemented. We are working to provide BAME students at UWL with sought after skills that will facilitate standing out in the crowd in interviews and applications, and work to close the BAME attainment gap.

If you like the sound of the network, brilliant! You have come to the right place. Keep up to date without events on here and follow our socials!

We can’t wait to meet you! Until then, stay safe x

Future Events

Take a look at events we are running in the future here:

Black Tech Fest 22
11th October 9am - 13th October 9am
virtual/ in-person
Black History Month | Events | ace
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