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An Annual General Meeting (AGM) where Student Groups discuss future developments of their club or society.

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An annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly Meeting between the membership of a Student Group and its Committee. Generally, this is the only time that the Committee and Membership will formally meet throughout the year, so it is a chance for the Committee to present a review of the year and to host the annual Committee Elections.

AGMs are a good opportunity for your Student Group to discuss any future developments of the Club or Society.

What happens?

During an AGM the Student Groups can review the years activity and its future strategy, direction or developments. This is an opportunity for Membership to question the Committee about any issues that have arisen over the year and get answers for decisions that were made. Equally, an AGM is a good time to praise the effort and good work that the committee has put in over the year.

Elections for the next years committee can also be held during an AGM, allowing nominees the opportunity to share how they will take the Student Groups forwards next year.

All voting will take place online.

Is it mandatory?

All Student Groups need to host an AGM to ensure all yearly reviews can be presented and so that all committee election nominees can put their case forwards as to why they should be voted for.

This is to ensure there is transparency, but also for the membership and otherinterested parties to have a say on Student Groups decisions and direction for the coming year.

The location and format of a Student Groups AGM is entirely at the committee's discretion, and the SU are available to support with room bookings, if required.

Why should I get involved?

As a democratic organisation, we use the AGM process as a collective verdict to decide who will represent our student groups (in the form of committee members). Every vote is important and allows your voice to be heard.

The new committee is elected to represent the members of the society, and during their day-to-day activity, it is making decisions on behalf of the society as opposed to being ‘in charge’ of the rest of the members.


1. Can anyone attend an AGM?

Only members can attend AGMs. ALL Members must be invited and in the case of online AGM’s sent a secure link

2. What MUST be included in the AGM?

Below is a draft agenda, use this as a guide. You should also ask members if they have anything they would like to discuss in advance of if the meeting

3. Can anyone vote in AGM?

No, only members of a club can vote for their nominated committee members for their own club. You can vote for more than one position if you’re a member of other clubs or societies.

4. What if I don’t want to vote for anyone running for my club or society?

You can vote for ‘Re-Open Nomination’ meaning you don’t have to vote for a person and would like to have someone else nominated.

5. Can I run for more than one club or society?

Yes, you can only hold one position per Student Group. So, whilst you able to run for as many roles as you’d like in a Student Group, you can only hold one!