New booking process due to COVID-19

student doing yoga in gym

Guidelines for Booking Gym Slots, Fitness Class & Locker Rooms 

  • Go on UWLSU website 
  • Click on “your opportunities”
  • Click on “Sports & fitness Centre” (
  • Scroll to bottom of the page then click on “to book onto one of this classes, login here”
  • Enter your email + password (Gym member only) 

Option 1   

  • Click on “search and book” > Type in Gym or COVID19 Regulated-Gym Access Activities > Press Enter 

Option 2   

  • Click on “week schedule” - (top of the page) >  Select “current week” 
  • Click on “ALL GROUPS” (drop down list) > Select either ALL CLASSES or COVID19 REGULATED – GYM ACESS ACTIVITIES. 
  • This will enable you to book Gym Slots, Fitness classes and Locker rooms 

Gym Capacity

  • Gym – 20 people per hour (45 minutes to exercise & 15 minutes to get changed)
  • Locker room – 6 people as part of your 45 minutes Gym/Fitness class slot  
  • Studio – 10 people max  


  • Only Gym members will be able to login and book classes, gym sessions or locker rooms 
  • Contact us (SU.GYM@UWL.AC.UK) if you are facing any issues with booking or accessing your account