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Forensic Science

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About us

The Forensic Science Society is a friendly and inclusive society perfect for forensic science enthusiasts: whether it is your field of study, you enjoy watching CSI shows, or it simply interests you.

Our society offers you a first-hand experience of what it's like being in an expert's shoes through exciting interactive workshops, access to UWL's Crime Scene rooms, and talks from professionals in the field. Not only is it lots of fun, but it also looks great on your CV!

By joining us, you will learn the work and knowledge that goes into criminal investigations while acquiring significant employability skills and creating strong bonds with other members.


Our membership fee is at £3. This fee will allow us to provide you with events and activities of premium quality. Thanks to our society's outstanding interactivity, you will be able to join a community of people with similar interests and to form professional connections.


Events and Activities

Throughout the year, we will be offering a variety of events including:

  • Practical training workshops using forensic science equipment (fingerprints, DNA, blood pattern analysis, and more)
  • Talks given by actual CSI agents and other professionals, providing an insight on forensic science in the real world. (some may be online)
  • Social Events including pub nights, Winter Wonderland, and more
  • Collaborations with other societies and departments (such as Law Society and Wellbeing Team) to target the wider scope of forensic science and clear common misconceptions
  • Special off-campus activities including room escapes, Jack the Ripper tour, the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Fictitious "Murder Investigation", where you will apply your workshop investigation skills to solve the murder mystery. 

**Please keep in mind that some of the events may turn into online ones in case of increased governmental restrictions

Contact Us

We would be thrilled and honoured to have you as a member of our society! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email at To join our What'sApp groupchat, please send us an email or social media DM.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon! Make sure to follow us on our social media accounts to receive the latest information from us.