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Criminology Society

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Committee Members and Positions:  

Suzanne Schittone - Chairperson 

Chrysler Rebelo - Communications manager 

Ashley DeLeon - Events manager 


Criminology is the scientific study of crime and offenders, including the causes, effects, and potential solutions of crime and its perpetrators.  

As criminology incorporates components of psychology, biology, statistics, law, and sociology, studying it can be viewed as cross-disciplinary; these disciplines all work to answer important questions such as “Are people born criminals?”.  

The criminology society is for of people who are interested in criminal behaviour and the criminal justice system. A criminology society's principal purpose is to encourage criminological research. We plan to hold conferences, seminars, and workshops at which specialists will share their research findings and debate current concerns in the field. These gatherings give opportunities for networking, learning, and scholarly discussion. This?society?supports?the spread of knowledge and the development of innovative approaches to tackling crime by promoting the exchange of ideas. These initiatives assist to build interest in the topic and attract people who are interested in understanding and addressing crime-related issues. 

If you’re interested in staying up to date with our group and getting involved, make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and your email for updates on events and interesting new topics within the industry. 


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Instagram: uwl_criminologysociety