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Nepalese Community

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Namaste everyone!

Nepalese society refers to the social structure, norms, values, and customs observed by the people of Nepal, a country located in South Asia. The society in Nepal is diverse, comprising various ethnic groups, religions, and languages.

Nepalese society celebrates various festivals and cultural traditions throughout the year, reflecting the rich diversity of the country.

Choosing to be part of Nepalese society offers a multitude of advantages. It provides an opportunity for cultural immersion, personal growth, and the chance to contribute positively to the community. With Nepal's natural beauty and warm-hearted people, being part of its society promises a fulfilling and enriching experience for individuals seeking new horizons.

Do follow our instagram account @nepalesesociety.uwl or facebook account @uwlnepalesesociety for frequent updates, enquiry or more! :) Hope to see you all in our future events! 

Events and Activities:

We aim to have lots of events and activities, especially for our nepali festivals! There will be a variety of on-campus events and out-of-campus trips. 


Our membership is only £3. From this membership, you will get access to our events, updates and discounted tickets for our upcoming events.