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Paramedic society

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About Us

The new paramedic society provides a platform for cohesion and cooperation outside of lectures between both members of the Paramedic Science MSc courses and beyond! This group hopes to support current students and encourage collaboration between the two years in the form of social events, academic support (especially around OSCE/exam time!), CPD opportunities, and hopefully guest speakers from both the ambulance and wider healthcare settings.

We look forward to getting to know each other, and seeing everyone’s development from newbies to fully-fledged paramedics!


Important Dates/Regular meet ups or Training:

For those on the MSc course, most of what we do is tailored to where you are on the course and what we can do to best support you through studies, exams and especially placement. We aim to provide the framework to share knowledge and experience between all students and help build our skills and development on the journey to registration.

For those on the course and from other fields, we are putting together opportunities allowing exposure to the world of emergency medicine. This includes guest speakers from the LAS and other emergency services, and opportunities to be involved in training exercises and practice development events across London.

Socials so far have included Top Golf, christmas pub quizzes and post-exam celebrations, with us currently organising our first social of the year, with the hopes of getting to meet some of you from the new cohort outside of the classroom.


Contact via:


instagram: @UWLParamedicSoc



Committee Members and Positions:

- Rufus Brooks, Chairperson

- Ashleigh Marchant, Chairperson

- Emma Christy, CPD Sec

- Tom Inkson-McNally, CPD Sec

- Fern Jackson, Social Sec

- Emily Buller, General Sec

- Jamila Sbila, General Sec