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Anime Society

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About us

We are an Anime society from all backgrounds and personalities. We have all come together to create a community that will run bi-weekly events related to Japanese Anime, Manga and Culture. We will be providing movie nights, Anime themed social events, gaming, discussions and conventions.


As a member you will have exclusive benefits such as, free entry to on-campus events, keep up with updates on our social media pages about upcoming manga workshops, discussions, discounted rates* at MCM Comic Con, Hyper Japan, film screenings and other cultural events along with access to our discord server where you can talk to other society members an a active server.

Whether you consider yourself an animanga veteran or if you are completely new, anyone is welcome to join!


Events and Activities

At our events you’ll be experiencing a new world of creative content. Even if you're new to anime, we invite you on this journey with us. You might find something new and interesting which you would not have otherwise started watching!

Movie nights

We will watch different genres of Anime/ ranging from comedy, slice of life, shonen, sports, drama and the ongoing biweekly seasonal shows such as My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. Also popular films from Studio Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai and existing Anime adaptions.

Anime Themed Events

We will have a variety of social meetings that include, picnics, inner campus meetings, quiz nights at Freddies Japanese-themed dining at Kintan, Tokyo Diner, Shoryu, and more! Lastly, we will be running mystery events that can happen at any time, So be on the lookout for these events.

Have a chance to experience and play your favorite iconic anime songs on Virtual Reality at one of our events with the award-winning rhythm game Beat Saber!

we also have plan's to have crossover events with many other societies like the gaming society!

Hope to see you there!


This years Committee has a great line-up consisting of:

Aseem Bhalla - Chairperson

Erica Chenery - Vice Chairperson

Ahmed Sarfraz - Group Administrator

Dominic Ling - Society Advisor

Tarik Burbridge - Events Co-ordinator

Contact Us

Reach us on email