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Anime Society

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About us

Our society is filled with students from all backgrounds and personalities, who make up a great community at UWL! We run biweekly events related to Japanese Anime, Manga and culture. These could be anything from movie nights, Anime themed social events, gaming, discussions and even conventions.

As a member you’ll have exclusive benefits, such as free entry to on campus events, first looks at our upcoming manga workshops, discussions and discounted rates* at MCM Comic Con, Hyper Japan, film screenings and other cultural events. You can also access to our discord server where you can talk to other society members!

Whether you consider yourself an animanga veteran or if you are completely new, anyone is welcome to join!


Important Dates/Regular meet ups or Training:

This year we plan to increase the number of collabs we do with other societies to build on our members’ experience. This will be done alongside our, hopeful, continuation of last years’ watch parties and weekly events.


Meet the Committee:

We are happy to announce the Anime Society Committee of 2022/2023 are as follows:

Chairperson - Milan Ferenc

Vice Chair - Abigail Edwards

Group Administrator - Elizabeth Dittman

Events Manager - Ahmed Sarfraz


Contact Details Of your Group:


Instagram: @uwlanimesociety

Twitter: @AnimeUWL