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Welcome to the Aviation Society of the University of West London! 

1. *Saifali Sultan Rashid* - Chairperson (ID: 21514244)
2. *Mosim Shaikh* - Co-President + Instructor (ID: 32115893)
3. *Meghana Gohil* - Group Admin (ID: 32145956)
4. *Andre Pedro* - Flight Instructor (ID: 21466255)
5. *Abishek Shreatha* - Finance Manager (ID: 21551673)
6. *Sanaa Kazi* - Social Media Manager+ Events manager (ID: 32144989)
7. *Andrei Adana* - Events Manager (ID: 21541192)

Events Coordinator: Andrei Adana

Get ready to embark on a journey through the skies with the Aviation Society! ?? Join us for exciting discussions, events, and updates as we soar to new heights together! 

Group Guidelines: Just so you know, all UWL rules are in effect within this group. Let's foster a positive and compliant atmosphere for all members. 

Important Dates/Regular Meet-ups or Training: Stay tuned for a thrilling lineup of events, including:

  1. Talks from Industry Professionals: Gain insights from experts in the aviation field, offering valuable perspectives and advice.

  2. Networking Events: Connect with like-minded aviation enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential mentors.

  3. Tours of Airfields: Explore the fascinating world of aviation up close with guided tours of airfields and aviation facilities.

  4. Plane Spotting: Immerse yourself in the excitement of plane spotting sessions, perfect for aviation photography and enthusiasts.

  5. Quizzes: Test your aviation knowledge and learn new facts with fun and engaging quizzes.

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Stay updated on all things aviation! Follow us on Instagram: @uwl_aviation_society 

 Contact Us: Have questions or suggestions? Reach out to us via email at We'd love to hear from you! 

Let's make 2023-2024 a year filled with thrilling aviation experiences!  

 #UWLAviationSociety #SoarToNewHeights