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About us

The Film Society is made for and about film enthusiasts. No matter the course, background, or knowledge about movies, we will welcome you with open arms!

Our core activities revolve around movies, meaning we will host movie nights, followed by socials where we will discuss the film and other related topics. We also collaborate with other societies and go to new releases at the cinema!

Our society is full of kind-hearted and social people, making it the perfect place to meet like-minded people and form new friendships.


Upcoming Events

Film Society - taster session 
Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel (1hr 40m)
Date & Time: Thursday 27 October @ 6:30pm 
Location: BY.01.021 
Open to all 


Film x Gaming Society - Halloween Showing 
Film: Members choice via poll
Date & Time: Monday 31 October @ TBC (around 6:30pm) 
Location: TBC 
Open to members of Film and Gaming Society members 


Film x Psychology Society - Psychological Showing 
Film: The Stanford Prison Experiment (2hr 2m) 
Date & Time: Friday 11 November @ 6:30pm 
Location: TBC 
Open to members of Film and Psychology Society members 


Important Dates/Regular meet ups or Training:

We have meetings once per week or bi-weekly, to watch a film or a related social.

October – Halloween-related horror film, in collaboration with the Gaming Society – 31st October 2022

November/December - World Cup Showings – dates TBC

December – Christmas films – date TBC

February 2023 – Valentine’s films – date TBC


Committee Members


Connor Debenham

We're looking for new comittee members! The roles we're looking for are: Events Manager, Group Administrator, and Communications Manager. If you're interested in joining please send us a message to one of our socials!


Contact Us

The society has several social media accounts for you to contact us on, such as an Instagram page and a Facebook specifically made for any questions you may have.