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About us

We are UWL’s Gaming Society. It is our vision to provide a platform for members to explore their passions for gaming, be that as a part of our esports teams, or as a casual player with a group of friends.

We want to give our members new experiences such as, going to events like EGX, or competing in LAN tournaments. We are a sociable society that is open to all students.

We often try to run social events on site or online and encourage working with other societies to broaden the horizons and prospects of our members.

We want members to not only take part in events scheduled by the committee but to also experience a more open community whilst studying at UWL and have the platform to host events of their own.

We have a balanced community, and we are actively becoming more diverse and representative of the wider student body at UWL.


When students purchase membership, you will receive an email which invites you to access the Gaming Society Discord Server and the WhatsApp channel. You will also get free entry to all events run internally on campus and discount for certain events run externally such as the red bull gaming sphere, Varsity, etc.

We are also currently working on providing our members feedback forms so they are more aware of leaving feedback and can openly suggest changes or events that the other members may like. We are doing this for this year to show that we are committed as a society and that we are also open to change.


Events and Activities

  • Halloween Event in October
  • Celebrating Black History in October
  • Christmas event in December
  • Valentine’s Day in February
  • Women’s History Month in March
  • Pop Up Events
  • Meet and Greets in Freddie’s
  • Mystery Events
  • Esports tournaments through out the year!
  • Dungeons and Dragons

Contact Us

You can reach us on any of the below:


Your committee this year consists of:

Ryan Benham - President & NUEL Rep                                                                                                                 Patrick Quinn - Social Secretary


Francesc Ventura-Herreras - Vice-President                                                                                                          Klara Hartnell - Treasurer