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About us

We are UWL’s Gaming Society. It is our vision to provide a platform for members to explore their passions for gaming, be that as a part of our esports teams, or as a casual player with a group of friends.

We want to give our members new experiences such as competing in LAN tournaments and Local tournaments for Smash Bros. We are a sociable society that is open to all students whether you are casual player who wants to have fun or a competitive player who wants to find new strategies.

We often try to run social events on site or online and encourage working with other societies to broaden the horizons and prospects of our members.

We want members to not only take part in events scheduled by the committee but to also experience a more open community whilst studying at UWL and have the platform to host events of their own.

We have a balanced community, and we are actively becoming more diverse and representative of the wider student body at UWL.

University Esports Via NUEL & NSE

Want to experience what its like for Pengu, Faker, JJonak or Hungrybox to play in the big leagues. NUEL and NSE is the place for players to represent the West London Wyverns and go head-to-head against other universities. There is no requirements to play in these tournaments, so if you are interested hop in to tournaments for Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Valorant and more. You will learn new strategies and be in sync with your teammates.



When students purchase membership, you will receive an email which invites you to access the Gaming Society Discord Server and the WhatsApp channel. You will also get free entry to all events run internally on campus and discount for certain events run externally such as the red bull gaming sphere, Varsity, etc.

We are also currently working on providing our members feedback forms so they are more aware of leaving feedback and can openly suggest changes or events that the other members may like. We are doing this for this year to show that we are committed as a society and that we are also open to change.


Events and Activities

  • Halloween Event in October
  • Celebrating Black History in October
  • Christmas event in December
  • Valentine’s Day in February
  • Women’s History Month in March
  • Pop Up Events
  • Meet and Greets in Freddie’s
  • Esports tournaments through out the year from NUEL and NSE!
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Local Smash Bros Tournaments
  • Merch

Contact Us

You can reach us on any of the below:


Your committee this year consists of:


Francesc Ventura-Herreras - Chairperson 


Klara Hartnell -  Group Admin/Events Manager

Dominic Ling -  Society Advisor                                                                                                            


Below are the positions available when putting yourself forward for a committee position. Some groups may have additional roles to others, so make sure you check them out!


  • This person will be responsible for the Student Group communication channels, (inc. Social Media, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Website etc....) are maintained and updated with relevant news stories and information. They will work with all committee members to effectively promote and publicise Student Group events, activities, social events, and any other activities, and to work with the Students’ Union to reward its members in order to ensure the future well-being of the club.


This position is perfect for those with a passion for Esports. Our team, West London Wyverns, needs someone who can manage them and represent them on the wider university circuit by engaging with the NUEL and NSE leagues and organising Esports opportunities for members of the society. It will be this roles responsibility to

  • Organise teams for common Esports games such as, CS:GO, League of Legends and Rocket League
  • Keep up to date with the NUEL and NSE, apply to become the NUEL Rep for UWL.
  • Keep up to date with Streaming/Scrims/Tournaments and more opportunities for students
  • Maintain the West London Wyvern brand image and expand into new ideas and merchandise


This position is great for those whose gaming passions lie in the rolling of dice, playing cards and painting miniatures. If roleplaying and wargames are your interest then this is the perfect opportunity for you to expand this area of society life. It will be the remit of this officer to oversee

  • The current and future society property (such as Dungeons and Dragons starter kits or craft materials)
  • Exploring tabletop and roleplaying venues and opportunities near and around the University (Covid compliant until no longer and issue)
  • Moving into the online tabletop space and creating a community for people to share and explore new ideas around RPGs and Tabletop games and their associated activities


Do you enjoy recording peoples best gaming moments, creating engaging content for people to read and view, and maintaining a society webpage? Then do we have the role for you. Society Journalist is someone who has a keen passion for creating content, be that video production, article writing or photography it will be a space to explore new ideas and harness hidden talents. You will work closely with the communication officer to

  • Maintain an active position on the society webpage ( creating new content for people to read, watch, look at from outside the university
  • Make the society page on the SU website look the best it can do
  • Explore adding content to the society Youtube and Twitch pages (combined with Comms Officer to work on social media)
  • Take photos or organise a photographer for society events

For the full description of the core roles (NOT THE SPECIALIST), head over to our webpage to take a look: click here