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K-Pop Society

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The UWL K-pop Society has finally debuted, offering a place for students who share a passion for K-pop to unite, regardless of whether you’re a K-pop beginner or an enthusiast.

Our aim is to create a welcoming environment where students can come together to connect, bond, and experience the joy of Korean music and culture. Through various fun activities, events, and workshops, the K-pop Society provides an area for members to explore their interests, make new friends, and engage in discussions about all things K-pop. From dancing to the latest K-pop hits to watching thrilling K dramas, the UWL K-pop Society offers an exciting way for students to embrace their love for K-pop and form lasting friendships.

Come, join us and let’s ignite the power of music and culture together, just like the explosive charm of BTS’ hit song “Dynamite”! Get ready to light up the room with K-pop enthusiasm and create unforgettable memories!



Bi-weekly K-drama Nights: Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Korean dramas with our weekly movie and series nights

Quizzes Throughout The Year: Challenge your K-pop knowledge and get the chance to win a prize in our fun and engaging in quizzes throughout the academic year

Monthly Outing Events: Explore the city of London, make memories, and bond with fellow K-pop fans 

Bi-weekly Dance Sessions: Experience the thrill of dancing like your favourite K-pop idols as we move to the rhythm of the latest K-pop hits in our dynamic and engaging dance sessions



Become a member of the K-POP Society this academic year for £5 and enjoy priority access to thrilling events, quizzes, dance sessions, and more, while forging lasting friendships in a welcoming community. Your membership supports our vibrant K-pop world - don't miss out!



Founder/Chairperson - Precious Bulley

Group Administrator - Bibheksha Shrestha

Social Media Manager - Shreeya Lakhani

Events Manager - Catarina Caeiro

Inclusion Manager - Priyanka Rana