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About us

LGBTQ+  is a society at the University of West London dedicated to providing a safe space for those who identify as LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning, as well as other sexual and gender identities such as asexual, intersex and genderqueer) to fully express their sexual orientation and/or gender identity without fear of intimidation or harassment.

We also welcome straight allies, so don’t be afraid to join and come along to our events, whoever you might happen to be!

Our main goal is to have fun, create a safe and inclusive space, as well as making friends, make a difference and spread love.

Accessible - All official events are accessible to wheelchair users!  

Fun - We hold a mixture of alcohol and non-alcohol events so everyone feels included and can have fun in the way they choose!

Inclusive - We will always follow the UWLSU Safe Space Policy to make sure students from all backgrounds feel safe and happy! 

We hope to see you all lovely people with us this year!


Once you purchase a membership for our society, you will have access to most of our events for free. You will need to pay for other with sometimes a discount.

You will also have access to our WhatsApp group. You will get to meet a lot of people, make friends with us and have emotional support anytime.


Events and Activities

We have a lot of events planned! Hopefully the pandemic will be under control by then and we will be able to carry them on as normal.

We have movie nights, game nights and art nights on the schedule as well as collaborations with amazing societies.

We also want to have as many open mics and debate nights as possible. .

Safe - There will always be at least one sober committee members present during alcohol socials to get you home safely! 

Contact Us

As of now, you can get in contact with us through our Instagram @uwl_lgbtq



CHAIRPERSON - click here

  • This role is new and includes elements of the President and Vice-Presidents roles. It’s been designed to incorporate some of the administration and face-to-face elements that go into running a society. This person will act as the face of the society and will lead by example!


  • This role is new and includes elements of social media sec (old role that looked after the societies social media pages). It's been designed to ensure consistency of your social group messages across al communications and to give you a single point of contact for comms. This person will oversee the student group communications.

EVENTS MANAGER - click here

  • This role is a new role to add value to the previous social sec role, therefore, it includes elements of the social sec role. It's been designed to incorporate the behind-the-scenes administrative work, the financial elements and face-to-face elements that go into running effective and successful student groups and social activities.

For the full description of the core roles, head over to our webpage to take a look: click here

How do I nominate myself? 

Nominating yourself couldn’t be easier! 

All you need to do is write a short bio (up to 300 words) about who you are, what position you are running for, and why and fill out this google form: HERE