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About us

Hi! We are the LGBTQ+ Society! We are a group of open-minded, unique people. We learn from each-other, from our history, from our differences and grow as people.

Our main goal is to have fun, make friends but also make a difference and spread love. We hope to see you all lovely people with us this year!


Once you purchase a membership for our society, you will have access to most of our events for free. You will need to pay for other with sometimes a discount.

You will also have access to our WhatsApp group. You will get to meet a lot of people, make friends with us and have emotional support anytime.


Events and Activities

We have a lot of events planned! Hopefully the pandemic will be under control by then and we will be able to carry them on as normal.

We have movie nights, game nights and art nights on the schedule as well as some karaoke nights.

We also want to have as many open mics and debate nights as possible. Big event involve a Christmas party, a Carnival party, and of course a Pride party!.

Contact Us

As of now, you can get in contact with us through our Instagram @uwl_lgbtq