Musical Theatre

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About us

The Musical Theatre Society welcomes anyone with a love for performing and Theatre. We aim to bring workshops to students from industry professionals to help prepare students for future careers.

Every year we do our best to put on an annual show giving us a chance to show off the talent UWL has. We hope to give many opportunities to learn, meet new people and get together for fun events throughout the year!

Keep updated with what’s going on with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. When purchasing membership for MT Society, you will automatically gain access to our weekly tap lessons (streamed for skill level) and weekly musical theatre workshops/classes.

You will also be able to attend our 8am fitness classes, run every week day by our committee. Membership will also give you access to social events, which help to build the LCM/MT community. Once you’ve signed up to be a member we’ll add you to our Facebook group.

We look forward to welcoming lots of new and returning faces to the society!



Events and Activities

Our aim for the year is to provide tap classes each week, as well as additional weekly events. These will include Open Mic Nights, Pub Quizzes, dance workshops with industry professionals and other musical theatre performance work.

We hope to also organize 2 concerts through the course of the year, which will showcase talents from our society! In collaboration with other societies and LCM, we also aim to organize an MT ball that will be open to members and non-members alike.

Contact Us

You can reach us on our Instagram/Twitter accounts - @mtsocietyuwl. We are planning an Instagram live introductory Q&A during freshers, that will be a resource for incoming students and returners.

We also have a Facebook group that you will be automatically added to once your membership is paid!