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About us

The Psychology society welcomes anyone and everyone who has an interest in Psychology, regardless of whether they have previous knowledge about it or not.

We aim to explore all the different sides of Psychology, including personality tests, the effect of play, mindfulness, and even things that may not seem so psychological like art and future-reading!

We are also interested in mental health and wellbeing, and we as a society aim to provide a space for discussing and learning about how to look after your mental health, and how to manage stress in its various forms.

If you want a safe space where you can relax and have fun, meet new people, make new friends, and learn new things, or even if you just want a place to go to find a moment of peace in the business of modern life, then this society may be the one for you!


For the membership fee, you will have access to all the events we host both as a society and in collaboration with other societies and groups, including discounted or free access to paid events open to non-members, or free drinks and other refreshments.

For non-Psychology students, the society is a place to learn about the topic in a fun and comfortable environment, and not in a purely academic manner. It’s also a great social hub, and a way to meet new people from a variety of courses and backgrounds.

But for Psychology students in particular, this society is a great way to get in contact with other people on the course and find help and guidance.

Also, we’ll happily allow third-year members to advertise their dissertation studies in the society, and for those of you below third-year partaking in these studies is a great way to experience how a study is conducted! currently working on providing our members feedback forms so they are more aware of leaving feedback and can openly suggest changes or events that the other members may like. We are doing this for this year to show that we are committed as a society and that we are also open to change.


Events and Activities

We are committed to running smaller weekly events, with one larger monthly event. Given the current situation, government restrictions will decide whether these will be more online or face-to-face, but we plan to have at least one face-to-face event per month.

Given the breadth of the topic of psychology, we have a lot of opportunities to run different workshops and activities, and we have previously put on a whole range of events ranging from game nights, study sessions, and attending online seminars followed by a discussion session, to bigger events like trips to museums such as the Wellcome Collection or the Freud Museum, inviting guest speakers to run workshops or seminars, and even a trip to Broadmoor Hospital.

We also plan on collaborations with other societies and groups within UWL, including the Wellbeing team, the Academic Support team, and the Forensic Science society.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for us, the committee members are available to chat on WhatsApp. Click the link to join our Q&A group chat!