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About us

The Psychology Society welcomes anyone with even a slight interest in psychology. Whether you're intrigued by the minds of criminals or curious if perception is universal, our society is the perfect place for anyone with an inquisitive mind. We strive to maintain a civil and respectful atmosphere and encourage discussions on major psychological debates or any queries that our members may have.  

Our society offers a variety of activities, including trips to museums, as well as workshops on mental health and meditation activities such as yoga and walks in the park. There are also social activities like quizzes or movie nights. Our focus is on creating a safe space where everyone feels included and valued.  

We also collaborate with other societies to ensure that our members' interests outside of psychology are met and to provide them with opportunities to explore different parts of student life. Our goal is to encourage open-mindedness and promote close relationships among members who share a passion for psychology and a desire to learn and grow together. Because, after all, what is the point of Psychology if not to share it with someone and gain insight and understanding? 

“Humans are social beings, and we are happier, and better, when connected to others.” 
- Paul Bloom 

- Viktor E. Frankl



Important Dates/Regular meet ups or Training:

Students can look forward to celebrating events and activities that support mental health and physical health.



Our membership fee is £5. Once you've joined, you'll be invited to all our events as well as our group chat on WhatsApp! By joining, you'll instantly have the opportunity to network, meet like-minded people, and get more involved in the university experience and campus culture.

For Psychology students, the Psychology Society is a wonderful place to network, share support, and make lasting professional connections in the field. Students who are new to UWL, as well as those in Level 4 and Level 5 can also receive guidance from our Year 3 students, who are happy to impart the knowledge they've gained throughout their course and time at UWL. Level 6 students can also advertise their Dissertation studies to the group to recruit participants and foster mutually beneficial relationships across all levels of study :)

Interested? Come join us!


Important Dates/Regular meet ups or Training: 

Events and Activities: 

Coffee/Tea Mornings  


Weekly Meetings 



Chairperson – Melvine Mamadou 

Events Manager: Jasmeen Sandesha Laad 

Communications Manager: Hannah Sealey 


Contact Details Of your Group:  


Instagram: @uwlpsychsociety