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West London Wick

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What is the West London Wick?

The West London Wick is UWL’s first student newspaper, with all articles, photos, and video footage contributed solely by UWL students.

With an editorial focus on UWL News, Entertainment, Student Life, and Societies, it’s our aim to act as an information hub for all matters need-to-know within The University of West London. By highlighting and publicising the activities of the University of West London's student societies, we also hope to shine a spotlight on all of the fantastic extracurricular events organised by UWL's students, as well as to increase overall student engagement and improve student life within UWL.

Whether you’re looking to bolster your portfolio and develop new skills by working on one of our stories, or you can’t wait to attend our social events to meet fellow creatives and network with industry professionals, there’s never been a better chance to get involved in student media within UWL. 

How can I contribute?

Our articles are split between those pitched by UWL students, and those drafted to our members. Our Editorial sections are UWL News, Societies, Entertainment, and Student Life.

Articles that require live coverage and photography, such as those covering UWL News and Societies, will each be offered to our members. Our team of contributors can then choose which articles they would like to cover, with either a written piece on the event, or original photography and videography. 

All UWL students can also pitch and write Entertainment and Student Life articles with us, even non-members. A pitching guide and editorial style guide will both be featured on our website. 

All finalised and approved articles will be posted on our official website, with a shorter version of each article being posted on our Instagram page.

Events and Activities

Socials events with other UWL Student Media societies are currently in the works. So stay tuned!