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UWL Dance

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About us

Hey! We're UWL Ravens - UWL's new dance competition team. After a successful year, we're raring to go for the new year.

We want to have a safe and supportive space to let everyone have the chance at weekly classes with industry professionals - and we want you to be a part of it!

When you become a Raven, your membership fees give you access to one dance session a week with our club committee focusing on technique and an exciting routine each week .

By joining the Dance Comp Team, you will be one of the many other members of UWL’s renowned sports teams who represent UWL at competitions, including Varsity!!


Your fees go towards our amazing studio rehearsal spaces, our fees for competitions and travel and our incredible teacher.

As a Raven, you will meets many different people, from different backgrounds and who are on different uni courses, who all share a love of dance!!!!

This year our membership fees are £70, which works out to less than £1.50 a session for the year!


Events and Activities

  • Training - Tuesdays 19:00 -20:00 (Fitness and Technique) and Wednesdays 14:00-15:00 (Choreography). Our Tuesday sessions are led by Aretha (SA Dance).
  • Social Nights - We are part of the large community of amazing sports teams at UWL, and we are all looking forward to loads of nights that we can all meet up and hang out! Along with our own social nights throughout the year.
  • Competition - We are looking to enter our first competition in the New Year!
  • UWL Arts Show - We want to put on an end of year show in collaboration with all the amazing Arts Societies at UWL for a celebration of talents!

Contact Us

We are on Instagram (@uwldancecomp) and Twitter (@uwldancecomp). We are really active, and we will use this to post updates about UWL Ravens! We are going to do an Instagram Live during Freshers to answer all your queries, and get to know your committee. We've created a Whatsapp group that upon paying your membership you will get a link to - where we will be at hand throughout the year.