Organisation Details

The Criminology Society is starting its activity with the main aim at its core, to unite students with the same passion and together to form a friendly environment where different types of activities and events will take part.

Join our friendly group to take part in organised events and trips that will centre around criminology and different aspects of it.


The main activities you could take part in as part of the Criminology Society are:

- trips to crime scene locations, where you could take a peek into the insights of the crime and the investigation or even be bold to join the discussions around the topic;

-true – crime documentaries and movie evenings – a fun way of learning and enjoying movies with fellow students, refreshments will also be provided;

-guest speakers from different areas of Criminology;

-Crime Scene Investigation Mock Set Up, where you will have a chance to experience the process of collecting the evidence and have an insight by analysing it and at the same time helping your SOCO team to be the winner. Two or more groups will need to be formed for this event to be organised. Specific tasks will be set up while setting up the scene; the winners will receive a surprise gift.


Everyone with a passion or interest in criminology, forensic investigation or the aspect of crime in general, is welcome to join our society.