Organisation Details

The Nigerian Society (TNS) UWL is a community of students who share cultural values, enrich the minds, provide support systems to the incoming students, and current students at the University of West London (UWL). The aim is to promote the "Naija Impact", that is, the Nigerian Impact in the diaspora.

The Nigerian Society represents diverse culture and areas of expertise that we want to showcase as a brand at UWL. Significantly, this group intends to promote a sense of togetherness and support all its members, especially fresher’s in settling down well in the new environment. Through active collaboration, Nigerian students can share vital information and other details relevant to their successful completion of studies. The group will serve as a platform for Nigerian students to discuss crucial matters and add to the general body of knowledge towards the nation's development.

We are called The Nigerian Society; however, our membership is open to anyone interested within the University of West London. Whether you are interested in cultural values, traditions, cuisine, dances, and merriment, all are welcome here.  As a diverse group, we have a rich culture to explore and share. We have planned activities for one calendar year, these include cultural events, one-on-one sessions, our annual UK Nigerian Society Day, and meet-ups.


Our £5 (pound) membership fee gives members access to all our meetings, events, prize-winning competitions, and giveaways. The year membership is for 2021/2022 per the academic calendar.

Contact us

Instagram- Username@ Thenigeriansocietyuwl

Twitter- - Username@ Thenigeriansocietyuwl

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Society Name: The Nigerian Society UWL

Slogan: Naija Impact