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The Society for Nurses, Midwives and Healthcare student would like to give you a big warm welcome to the University of West London! 

Students who are studying within UWL within the College of Nursing, Widwifery and Healthcare (CNMH) are automatically enrolled with not cost involved! If you're studying any other course but are still interested in becoming a member of the SNMH society, then please get in touch! 

We would like to invite all of the CNMH students to take part in our planned activities as well as give everyone the opportunity to help us develop these activities! Let us know what you’d like to do and we can see if it’s possible, if there’s available funding for it, or some other strings that we might be able to pull!

Our main aim: Building a community for all Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare Students at Ealing and in Reading! 
This means setting up events specific for students in Ealing as well as events for students in Reading! 

One of our main successes of last year:

2017 was the first year for setting up guest lectures in London, and at the start of new Academic year the SNMH society got guest speakers to come and see the new starters in Reading. 

What can you do?
You can also have a more active part in our society by becoming a committee member, this means you will get invited to meetings throughout the year, being able to pitch ideas and actually be a physical part of the society. If you're unable to become a committee member but would occassionaly want to attend a meeting, please do so! The more voices we hear, the better the events and future plans become. 

Committee Members

Molly Salter



Registered Office: University of West London Students' Union, St Mary's Road, London W5 5RF
Registered in England Company Number: 8158543
Registered Charity Number: 1148594

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