Hardship Fund

The UK government have recently allocated funding to Universities across the country to support all students (including EU and International students) that have been financially affected by the impacts of Covid-19.

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Here at your SU we know it's been a tremendously difficult year for some students... we're still here and working hard to ensure that every student gets as much support and guidance possible so you can continue to feel comfortable and enjoy your University experience! The UK government have recently allocated funding to Universities across the country to support all students (including EU and International students) that have been financially affected by the impacts Covid-19. UWL has created a process for students to access this funding here

Am I eligible to apply? 

The Covid-19 Hardship Fund is only available to students that have been significantly impacted financially and can demonstrate the impact it has had on paying for tuition fees, accommodation, living costs etc. Examples of the impact may include: 

  • Termination of an employment contract since the start of Covid-19 
  • Financing two accommodations, or an accommodation that you no longer live at.
  • Loss of earnings, loss of other funding or financial support 
  • Increased costs due to Covid-19 (homeschooling etc.) 
  • Increased debts, rent or bills arreas

What do I need to provide? 

UWL have asked students to provide supporting evidence in their applications to demonstrate the impact, it’s had on their finances – this can include: 

  • Notices of termination of employment dated since the start of Covid.
  • Bank statements from the last 3 months demonstrating impacts. 
  • Income statements or Payslips from the last 3 months, demonstrating impacts
  • Rent arrears or debt collection notices incurred since the start of Covid.

What support is in place for me to complete this? 

The SU strongly encourages students to speak to our SU Advice Team that can help students complete application forms and advise on the necessary evidence to support applications. You can email uwl.su@uwl.ac.uk to request a call with one of our advisors who will contact you within 48 hours. We have also attached a FAQ’s form with some other queries you may have about the process. 

Once you have completed your application form, please ensure that you send it to: dsf@uwl.ac.uk

In addition to the Covid-19 Hardship Fund, UWL also have a Discretionary Support Fund (DSF), application to this can be found herePlease note this is only available to Home (UK) students.