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Environment Commitment

How we're ensuring your Union is environmentally sustainable and ethical.

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Our commitment to the environment

Your Students’ Union is committed to making sure every aspect of your university experience has your needs at the very heart of it. One area of focus for us is ensuring your union is environmentally sustainable and ethical. It’s your future and your planet on the line, and we intend to do our best to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We’ve already done a lot to make sure that the SU is as green as possible. We’ve been awarded Green Impact “Good” in recognition of our work to be a more sustainable union.

Your Students’ Union is currently doing the following to be more sustainable:

  • Reducing single use plastic in commercial services
  • Reducing the amount of printing done in the office
  • Promoting low carbon travel through travel card loans and a cycle-to-work scheme for staff
  • Running a sustainability network for students
  • Ensuring all work done by the union is assessed for environmental impact
  • Purchasing ethical or reusable products wherever possible

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to be more sustainable but we’re nowhere near done. We will be working with students and the university to make UWLSU even greener and hopefully achieve a “very good” green impact award in the next academic year.

Your students’ union will be doing the following this year to become even more sustainable:

  • Promoting biodiversity around campus
  • Increasing student knowledge of key environmental issues
  • Continued collaboration with the University to develop a more sustainable campus
  • Conducting sustainability research
  • Working with students to reduce fast fashion consumption
  • Creation of a sustainability student society