Freshers 2023

Get Involved

Want to build your own community and have the best time ever at UWL? Get involved in anything that you think looks fun! If you’re ever sat thinking asking “Should I join that society?” or “I don’t know if I should go that event on my own”, take a look at some at some of the ways you can get involved...

Throwing yourself into uni life can give you so many opportunities to try new things and meet amazing people, and on top of this it just leads to great memories at a time you won’t get to experience again. Hear it from our members...

"UWLSU has helped me find my people, my friends, it’s helped me build contacts form my career path, it’s helped me find my own passion and find myself towards my own goals."

- TJ

"Making friends has meant a lot to me! It gives me a space from academics & studying to spend time with people I can bond with on another level."

- Lili

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Sports Teams and Societies

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We have over 50 groups for you to choose from to find where you feel at home. They cover loads of interests, from gaming to musical theatre, and football to cheerleading. Join others in your passion or try something new! Our groups are student run, and open to everyone.

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The social spot on campus. Freddie’s is the perfect place to grab lunch after lectures, get your group projects done, relax with a drink and have fun at their events! It’s not only a spot for late night events, but also chill daytime socials, a space to study and evening entertainment. We try to have something for everyone. This year, we ran quizzes, wellbeing painting sessions, open mic nights, game afternoons, and so much more – all for free.

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Coffee Union

Start your day at Coffee Union. Whether you’re the first one on campus or strolling in after lunch, grab some hot food, snacks or a drink from the café. From an Americano to fancy frappes, check us out when you come into uni – don't forget your loyalty card!

Students stretching out during a gym class at the Sports Centre

UWL Sports Centre

Our Sports Centre is the perfect place to stay fit, with a fully equipped gym and free classes for our members! Our staff are always on hand to help if you ever need anything. We also strive to create a welcoming & comfortable environment for everyone who wants to use our facility. Make sure to check it out!

Gym Memberships

Course Reps

In every course there are Course Reps, who collect all the views of their classmates to feedback to the SU. It’s a great opportunity to gain some experience, build new skills, make friends, and help make a difference for your peers! We will come into your lectures at the beginning of the year to give you the chance to nominate yourself – we hope to see some friendly faces joining us to make a change.

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Work With Us

UWLSU has a huge group of student staff who do amazing work across the organisation. From helping us to get student voices heard, to being the friendly face at front desk and making the coffee in our café, we couldn’t run without them. There are different opportunities available throughout the year, so keep an eye out if you want to apply. Our main recruitment time is over the summer, but that doesn’t mean we won’t put out roles during the year! Job openings will always be listed on our website.

Work with us

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