Freshers 2023


This page will show you some of the support we offer to help you through your time at UWL. It’s good to take a look in case you ever need it and know just how to get the right support.

Our Advisors

Our Advisors are just the right people to go to for academic advice. They are trained to support you with extensions, mitigation, appeals, support representation, complaints, disciplinary hearings and more. Basically, if you’re ever confused about academic regulations or need a little extra time on your deadlines, you can have a chat with them to help clear things up.

Get support
International students at a creative event, sat at a table painting

International Students

All year round we offer loads of activities and opportunities for all students to have fun and make new friends. We have events, trips and societies that are there to create a space for international students to socialise with each other and make the most out of life in London. Keep an eye out for emails from us and social media posts letting you know what’s coming up!

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Throughout the year, we strive to participate in different campaigns to help to raise awareness to topics and help surrounding mental health and wellbeing. You’ll spot our wellbeing activities online and, on all campuses, – make sure to take part when you can!

If you want to reach out to speak to someone, you can reach out to one of our amazing teams in the University that offer mental health support. Find out more about them here.

Sexual Violence Awareness + Prevention

We want our students to feel safe and informed. UWLSU are always here for you, whatever the situation and we want you to know that we offer confidential support, with anything you need. We can support you with being as informed with all options as possible.

UWLSU continuously works on our sexual violence prevention strategies to keep improving. We support and participate in awareness campaigns throughout the year. You can also talk to us and your elected officers about any improvements or issues that you wish to raise