Freshers 2023

Who Are We?

We are here to be your voice within UWL. We want to give you the best, most exciting and fun experience. We are here to make a difference for you. As soon as you enrol into UWL, you automatically become a member of the SU, for free!

On top of all the fun activities and opportunities to get involved with (which there are loads of!), we work to take students’ views where they count. We want university to be an amazing place for you, where you feel included and excited to be involved.

Sabbatical Officers

Students are at the heart of everything we do, and our Students’ Union is led by a team of three Sabbatical officers who have been voted in by our students. The Sabbatical Officers work to ensure you get the most out of your degree and will be listening to your thoughts and opinions whilst running campaigns and working with the relevant people to implement positive action!

This could involve a range of different improvements, like safer events, learning differences support and opportunities for international students. These are just a few examples, if you ever have anything on your mind, reach out to one of your Sabbs or chat to them around campus; they are here to represent your views.

Meet the Officers

A photograph of three photos of the three UWL officers stood smiling at the camera

Explore it more

There’s so much to discover and get stuck into at the SU. We have loads of events run by us, as well as activities put on by students. There are sports teams, societies, daytime socials, late night events, a café and bar, and so much more! Uni is what you make of it, and we are your experience outside of the classroom. Throw yourself into your new life...

Have a look around this website to find out about the stuff you can do in more detail, including Freshers events and how we can support you. You can also check out our main site for way more info on who we are.

Two students posing and pointing at the camera and laughing

Find us

A map showing how to find UWLSU