Strava - Virtual Run
10th April 9am - 10am
It's the final day of our 30k Spring break challenge! One last push form everyone to get us over the line!
Online Activities | Spring Break
Virtual Party (With DJ Pauly Moskal and SAVE JALDA)
10th April 7pm - 9:30pm
Your Living room - Instagram live!
Although you can't step out for a big Friday night this week... For a change, we will be bringing the energy to YOU! FT DJ PAULY MOSKAL aand SAVE JALDA
Events | Online Activities | Spring Break
Introduction to robotics
18th April 10am - 19th April 4pm
Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
30th May 10am - 31st May 4pm
Introduction to robotics
13th June 10am - 14th June 4pm
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
27th June 10am - 28th June 4pm

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