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What is Refreshers’?

Refreshers’ is a two week schedule full of activities, events and opportunities to help you settle in and adjust to university life.

These two weeks are organised and run by the University of West London Students’ Union. We have creating an unbelievable roster of events where you can see what the University has to offer and have fun doing it. The list of events is huge and with a fully packed timetable there is always something for everyone.

Can I get a wristband?

After student feedback and due to the huge demand for tickets every year plus the diverse nature of our events, we have decided to create a Refreshers Ticket's Calendar.

You can purchase the tickets you want, when you want! 

Rather than buying one expensive wristbands, with some events that you necessarily don't want to attend, you get to pick what you spend your money and time on. 

How do I buy these tickets?

Tickets to UWLSU Refreshers events can ONLY be purchased online through this website. You won't be able to have full access to the website until you have registered with the university during enrolment week but before then you can create a guest account here. 

Make sure you buy your tickets early as numbers are limited due to venue capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: Only tickets bought on this website will gain you entry into the official SU-run events. Be careful of other wristbands on sale from promoters in town which WILL NOT gain you entry into the Freshers' 2018 events.

Why can’t I log in to buy tickets?

You won’t be able to log in until you have registered online with the University. Until then you can create a guest account and buy tickets. Once you have a full student account, we merge the two accounts and everything will as normal! 

How can I get involved with UWLSU?

Have a look at our numerous sports clubs, societies and job opportunities for you to get involved in on our website. Want to organise great events? There really is something for everyone.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

You don't need to collect your tickets from anywhere! All of the tickets to the events you want to go to will be in your email inbox. When you arrive at the event you just need that email and you will be required to show photographic ID in order to attend the event. 

I’m not quite 18 yet; can I still attend Refreshers?

Of course you can! Just because you are not 18 doesn’t mean you can’t experience all that Refreshers has to offer. You can purchase some tickets as normal but you won't be able to attend any event that has alochol involved or is at the event.. If your 18th birthday does happen to fall during Freshers' Week you can purchase tickets, just come along to one of the information points during Freshers with your photo ID to get it sorted, we will probably also sing you 'Happy Birthday!'.

What happens if I want to arrive early?

Typically, if you are in University accommodation, your contract will commence on Saturday 8th September, which is the earliest you can move in. However any students with additional needs who require an earlier move in date can get in touch with accommodation by emailing the accommodation team. 

When will I hear back about my accommodation?

If you have an offer conditional on your A-level results and you applied for accommodation before the deadline, your offer will be made from August 16th. If you have not applied for accommodation yet you will have the opportunity to apply to be on a waiting list basis from August 21. More information about this can be found on the university's accommodation web page.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch! You can do this by:

Email -

Facebook - Message us on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group


Terms and Conditions for Events

Here at UWLSU we operate a series of Terms and Conditions for our events. This is both for your safety, security and licensing reasons. Please note that by attending one of our events, ticketed or not, you agree to the below terms and conditions.

Section 1: Purchase of a ticket or wristband is subject to the following terms and conditions;

1. You need a valid ticket/wristband to get in to see the show/event. 
2. The venue management and/or event promoter (UWLSU) reserves the right to refuse admission. If you arrive late to an advertised last entry time, this constitutes grounds for a refusal of admission. 
3. Please do not be offended if the venue management or promoter requests to see the contents of your bag. For certain events, the management also reserve the right to conduct security searches on admission by trained members of the security team.
4. Only in the event of the show/event being cancelled will your ticket be refunded. 
5. Reselling a ticket or wristband for commercial gain will result in the ticket being invalid and non-refundable. 
6. Sometimes the promoter (UWLSU) or event manager may need to make alterations to the advertised details of the performance/event at short notice. If this happens, the promoter (UWLSU) is not required to issue a refund or exchange of tickets/wristbands. 
7. If allocated seats/areas have been issued to you, the venue manager or promoter (UWLSU) reserve the right to change this without refund.
8. By purchasing a ticket/wristband you are affirming your consent to the filming and/or sound recording of you as a member of the public whilst on the premises. 
9. We are sorry if any of your personal property is lost or damaged whilst in attendance of the event, however the promoter (UWLSU) and/or the venue is not responsible for personal belongings you choose to bring to an event.
10. The unauthorised use of any professional camera, video camera or any other sort of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. 
11. The venue and/or promoter holds the right to amend additional terms and conditions without notification to ticketholders.

Section 2 - Upon entry to one of our events, you adhere to the following;

1.1. Management always reserve the right of refusal upon your entry.
1.2. Management always reserve the right to remove you from the venue without reason.
2. You agree to be photographed and/or filmed whilst in attendance.
3. UWLSU operates a strict Challenge 21 policy, if you look under 21 you will be asked to prove your age.
4. UWLSU is not responsible for the actions of outside contractors, such as Security staff. We apologise if you have a problem with one of our contractors and we ensure all members of contactor staff are fully qualified and in a position to be working for us, however we cannot accept any responsibility for their actions.
5. You will not be served alcohol is you appear to be too drunk.
6. You agree to follow instructions given by members of the UWLSU team.
7. You understand that any cloakroom operated means that valuables are left at your own risk.



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