UWLSU is run by students for students. Every year, we have elections to determine which students lead the Students’ Union.

In autumn every year you elect students to represent UWL at the National Union of Students National Conference – these positions are called NUS Delegate.

You also elect student trustees who sit on the highest decision making committee of the Students’ Union to ensure that the organisation is being run according to law and regulation.

Every spring, we run elections where students vote for the full-time sabbatical officers – president, vice-president education and vice- president student activities and participation. These are the people who decide what the Students’ Union does on your behalf. They work full-time to make changes that improve your education and overall university experience. The booklet is available below or here.

No elections are currently running


Nominations are now closed

You have the opportunity to vote in every single one of these elections. This is where you use your power as a member of the Students’ Union to choose the people who you think represent you the best. 

We use the 'Alternative Vote Preference Based' system to calculate the winner.

If you have any complaints about the conduct of candidates or the elections process, you can contact the UWLSU team at su.comms@uwl.ac.uk or 020 8231 2276 for more information.

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