Keeping elections fair is our top priority, and these rules are designed to ensure that no candidates get an unfair advantage and that voters have an equal opportunity to elect their representatives. We’ve done our best to make sure there’s no reason for anybody to feel discouraged from participating in the elections.

Breaking a rule is very serious – if any of these rules are broken, the Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer will act to ensure the elections are fair, which can include disqualifying candidates or stopping the election. We don’t want this to happen – please follow these rules, and remember that winners have positive attitudes!

Please note, that this list of rules is not exhaustive, and it will be up to the Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer to decide if candidates or campaign teams have broken rules. Please make sure you campaign within the spirit of these rules:

Campaign when and where you’re allowed

  • Only campaigning between Wednesday 13th of November 12pm and Thursday 14th November 4pm.
  • No campaigning inside voting zones, in the library or in Villiers House.
  • SU office is a campaign free zone, however the SU conference room at SMR is campaign HQ where the DRO will be based and you can pick up your material.

Be considerate when asking people to vote for you and respect their choices

  • Let them vote in peace and decide for themselves.
  • Don’t vote on their behalf.
  • Don’t campaign to a voter who is in the voting area (note that being inside the voting area may be considered campaigning activity).
  • Don’t campaign to students who are using a computer or tablet device.
  • Don’t campaign to students who are voting on their phones.


You may use your connections through student groups to support your campaign, but you and your campaign team members cannot use any committee positions or other positions of power to pressure students into voting for you.

For example, you can message a Facebook group with a campaigning message. However, if you are the President, a committee member or otherwise have a position of power within the student group, you can’t command other students in the group to campaign for you or vote for you.


Be considerate of other candidates

  • Respect their campaign materials.
  • Don’t make it personal.
  • Bullying & Harassment are unacceptable.

Stick to the budget (£15)

  • Keep your receipts - you’ll need to hand them in by 4pm on Thursday 14th November.
  • If all candidates could get a material for free, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Access to resources must be open to all

For example, any student who is a member of a student group (such as a sports team or society) must have fair and open access to the student group’s resources to use for campaigning, including Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

Only UWLSU members (UWL students and current elected sabbatical officers) are allowed to participate in the elections as candidates or campaigners. Candidates may decide to support each other’s campaigns and run as a ‘slate’ (a team). You may not have non-members (anybody who is not a current UWL student or sabbatical officer) on your campaign team.

You may use social networks such as Facebook and Whatsapp groups to ask for support with your campaign or for votes, but respect the choice of all students to not support you or vote for you.

The rules apply to campaign teams too!

A list must be provided stating the names of all campaign members that will be taking part in the elections. If anybody acting on behalf of your campaign breaks a rule it means you have broken a rule.

You are responsible for making sure your team understand and follow the rules. Campaign teams should attend training from the Deputy Returning Officer, and if you need further support with this then you should ask the Deputy Returning Officer for help at the earliest opportunity.

University Rules and Regulations and the law apply too!

Please ensure that you campaign within the university’s rules and regulations and that how you and your team campaigns is not illegal.

You may not send bulk emails and communications.

Be aware that the university do not want any posters or helium balloons in the new Heartspace on campus. (Posters may be put up on pin up boards supplied by the SU)

All UWL policies can be found at

Voting will be by single transferrable vote

This means voters will number their candidates by order of preference, and candidates will need to meet the quota to win.

For more information, please visit

If in doubt, ask!

Ask for Matt in the SU HQ on the Ealing site or email  

Returning Officer

Peter Robertson from the National Union of Students is the Returning Officer in charge of making sure the election is fair, so their say will be final. Matthew Myles-Brown is our Head of Membership and Deputy Returning Officer, so will be acting on NUS’ behalf in the first instance.


If you are worried that a rule has been broken by another candidate, email with the details of your complaint and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

For complaints about the election, the deadline is 4pm on Thursday 14th November. Any requests for a re-count must be submitted within 24 hours of the verbal announcement.

Things that you don’t need to submit receipts for

We want you to be able to spread the word about your campaign to the best of your ability. So for the following items, which we feel no candidates would have trouble accessing in reasonable quantities, we won’t need you to submit receipts and they won’t form part of your budget.

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Sheets (e.g. bed sheets)
  • String
  • Sticky tape (not to be used on the walls!)
  • Cable ties
  • Glue (not to be used on the walls!)
  • Pens
  • Blu Tack
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • 4 T-shirts for your campaign team
  • Any other reasonable craft materials (if in doubt, ask!)

Rules about how to campaign

  • No balloons on campus at all.
  • Under no circumstances are posters, stickers or anything allowed on the walls or floors. You can campaign there, but you need to keep the space new and fresh. You can put posters on the SU display boards we will have there.
  • Do not interrupt a class with campaigning. You can ask the teacher if you can speak for 30 seconds at the beginning of classes. If the teacher says no, you must not campaign to that class.
  • Do not put campaign material on fire exits, fire extinguishers or anything that puts students’ safety at risk.
  • Nothing permanent can be used. For example you cannot glue posters to the wall, or put anything up that leaves a mark.
  • Do not print excessive campaign materials. The SU will print your materials for you.



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