During the winter break the students’ union will be closed between Friday 20 December and Monday 6 January. This means that UWLSU Advice will also be closed during that time, so we want to make sure you have some information to help you if you get into any difficulties preparing for any exams or other assessments during that time.

If you need to apply for mitigation

If you have an exam coming up or you miss an assessment deadline, or if you feel like you will need longer than 10 working days to complete an assessment, you can apply for mitigation as long as you can evidence mitigating circumstances.

To apply for mitigation you can complete a mitigation form and send this along with evidence of your circumstances to the Mitigation Team at:

If you need to apply for extension

If you are experiencing difficulties and you’ve got a deadline for a piece of coursework coming up, and you think a 10 working day extension would help you, you can complete an extension form and send this along with evidence of your circumstances to your Course or Module Leader.

Be aware: you cannot get an extension for an exam – if you can’t attend an exam due to mitigating circumstances, you will need to apply for mitigation.

You also can’t apply for an extension after a deadline has passed.

What we recommend you do if you need an extension or mitigation during the Christmas period

If you want to apply for an extension or mitigation, you will need to:

  1. Complete an extension or mitigation form.
  2. Gather evidence that demonstrates you have mitigating circumstances

To submit an extension you will need to:

  • Email your completed extension form and supporting evidence to your course or module leader

To submit a mitigation you will need to:

  • Email your completed mitigation form and supporting evidence to and the University’s mitigation team will acknowledge that your mitigation has been received and will contact you if they need more information from you.

What does ‘supporting evidence’ mean?

If you do not supply evidence to support a mitigation or extension it is likely to be rejected.

The main thing the university will be checking is that the evidence is from a professional and legitimate source and that it shows you have mitigating circumstances around the date/s of your assessments.

For example:

If you are ill two days before an exam, you might complete a mitigation form and get a letter from your GP explaining your illness.

If you have experienced a housing issue such as an eviction a week before your coursework is due, you might complete a mitigation form and include an eviction notice.

We know this process can be very stressful, but getting supporting evidence is really important in these situations.

You can read the university’s regulations around mitigations and extensions on pages 93-98 here.

If things are generally really difficult during the holidays

If you are finding things difficult over the holidays and you need to talk to someone, you can contact Samaritans – a nationwide listening service – by calling 116 123

UWL’s Student Services on The Street at the St Mary’s campus open on 2 January from 09.00.

If you feel like you are at immediate risk of harm to yourself, you should go directly to your nearest Accident & Emergency department or call 999.

If you want to speak to an advisor after the holidays

We want to make sure that we’ve got your back in January. Our Advice Service is open again from Monday 7 January.

Our drop-in service will open as normal at 14.00

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