TV Marathon

Come and join us for a TV Marathon of your favourite series - and don't forget your duvet!

TV Marathon

TV Marathon

Sunday 20 January 2019

noon - 4pm

Paragon Hub

What is better than watching your favourite TV shows in a row? Nothing! No matter if you prefer to watch How I Met Your Mother, 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale or another show – you choose what you would like to see as for Refreshers we will be screening your choice of TV series. 

Whether you are recovering from the night before or just genuinely love watching TV ! Bring your snacks, beverages, blankets or whatever makes you feel comfortable and join us in the hub for 4 hours of great shows

How do I Purchase my online ticket?

This is a free event specifically put on for paragon Halls students

Can I purchase a ticket at the venue?

This is a free event just head on down from one of your Paragon flats and enjoy the range of shows that will be on display.

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