Audio Programming Weekend Seminar

Audio Programming Weekend Seminar


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Audio Programming Weekend Seminar

Sat 16 Mar 2019 10:00 - Sun 17 Mar 2019 18:00


During this seminar, Dr. Eric Tarr will demonstrate how to create a digital audio compressor in software.


This will include a presentation of the signal processing background to create the effect and the development of a prototype in MATLAB.


There will be a discussion of the process to implement common parameters like threshold, ratio, knee, attack, and release as well as an approach to make the compressor program dependent. The system's step response and frequency response will be used to analyze performance.


Then, the compressor will be programmed in C++ and implemented as a plug-in using JUCE. Common parameters will be included as interface objects, and a custom graphical user interface library will be used.


By the end of the seminar, a fully-functioning audio plug-in will be created and the code will be made available to attendees.  



Presenter Bio:


Dr. Eric Tarr is an associate professor of Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. He teaches classes on digital audio, computer programming, signal processing and analysis.


He received a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University. He received a B.A in Mathematics and a minor in Music from Capital University in Columbus, OH.


His work has spanned across the topics of speech signal processing, musical robotics, sound spatialization, acoustic and electronic system modeling, hearing loss, perception and cognition. He has published articles in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaJournal of Speech, Language, and Hearing ResearchInternational Journal of Audiology, and Mechanical Engineering Research.


In 2015, Dr. Tarr received the Gibson Foundation Les Paul Music Innovation Award as the principal investigator of a research grant on "Blockchain Technology in the Music Industry." He is the author of a textbook published by the Audio Engineering Society and Focal Press titled, "Hack Audio: An Introduction to Computer Programming and Digital Signal Processing in MATLAB" and he is the creator of the book's companion website with 100+ tutorial examples.


He developed the Opto-3A software plug-in with Apogee Electronics, based on an analog model of the LA-3A compressor. He released an iOS app with Sennheiser Electronic using the Smart AMBEO headset for VR/AR audio. He has developed software with several other audio companies including Skywalker Sound, L.R. Baggs, and Harrison Consoles. 


Attendance pre-requisites


There are no formal pre-requisites for attendance. However, a basic knowledge of computing, audio processing and the basic syntax of C++ will be assumed.

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