BA (Hons) Voice in Performance Blood Wedding

BA (Hons) Voice in Performance Blood Wedding

BA (Hons) Voice in Performance Blood Wedding


£4.00 (Alumni 5th March 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 5th March 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 5th March 7p)
£4.00 (Alumni ^th March 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 6th March 7pm)
£4.00 (Alumni 7th March 2pm)
£8.00 (Guest 7th March 2pm)
£4.00 (Student 7th Mar 2pm)
£4.00 (Alumni 7th March 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 7th March 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 7th Mar 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 6th Mar 7pm)
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Thursday 05 March 2020

7pm - 9pm

Lawrence Hall Ealing Site

In a rural village in the United Kingdom, 2020, a man has decided to marry a woman from a neighbouring village.

In this modern world what does matrimony mean to our community? The wedding goes on and the guests start arriving, all while the bride is struggling with inner turmoil: can she be content in her choice of groom or will she be magnetically pulled to her other love? When tradition and the modern world clash; secrets will be revealed, the choices made will create chaos and consequences that will ripple through the community. Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding is a beautiful balance of traditional romantic tropes and unconventional circumstances mixed with a little magic. 

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