Fit and Flex - Dance Society

Fit and Flex - Dance Society

Fit and Flex - Dance Society

Monday 07 December 2020

7:15pm - 8pm


Come along and get fit with UWL Dance! 

We run a weekly Fit and Flex class for our members every Monday at 7:15pm! All you need is yourself, a bottle of water and a UWL Dance Membership! It's as simple as that. 


  • Involves a range of activity to exercise; the abs, the glutes, the arms and many more.
  •  The session includes a stretch activity and/or yoga at the end to cool down 
  • `We are currently collaborating with Pole Fitness within the Fit and Flex sessions to explore a range of different exercises. 


Anyone can get involved no matter your ability, you just need a UWL Dance Membership which is available here: 


We will be running these sessions and more throughout the year so don't miss out, get your membership today!