Black Excellence Month Debate

Black Excellence Month Debate

Black Excellence Month Debate

Fri 12 October 2018 18:00-20:00

William Barry Theatre

In a recent article Siana Bangura writes:

“Increasing the number of black faces in the room, without creating an environment in which those faces can have voices and thrive is simply useless at best, and damaging at worst. And sticking more Black poets and writers in your programme one month a year, without fully appreciating the work they do all year round, and without endeavouring to work towards meaningful inclusivity simply means we’ll keep hearing stories about brands like ‘Dove’ putting their casual racism on show for all to see time and time again (clearly there are no People of Colour or Black folk around the decision-making table at Dove HQ and if there are any, they either have no voice, weren’t listened to, or are cleaning the damn table).”

Inviting a discussion on why inclusivity is more important than diversity, especially for students about to embark into the working world.


Panellists to include

  • Dr Jason Arday; Senior Lecturer at Roehampton University
  • Dame Elizabeth Anionwu; Emeritus Professor of Nursing at UWL
  • Krishna Maroo; Outreach Officer at UWL
  • Kat Hackshaw; Student Union President at UWLSU
  • Janine Braithwaite; Vice President of Education at UWLSU

This event is FREE and open to Students, Staff and UWL Alumni

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