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2020 Welcome Week Facebook Group!

This group will be used for new students to meet each other and network with all your peers ahead of arrival at University. You'll be able to ask people questions about what accommodation they're staying in, what course they are studying and best of all, what Societies they are thinking of joining!

We'll also use the group to post some tips and tricks about coming to University and updates on our Welcome Programme.

So if you want to be part of the community, get involved in the Facebook group here. Don't forget to share the group with your friends who are also coming to UWL this year as this is the only official group that is set-up:

It's worth watching out for unofficial groups that are set-up by external marketing companies that will pretend to be The University of West London, they may be advertising fake or risky events, putting you at risk of losing your money, being subject to fraud or even inflating the prices of existing events to trick you. It's not just your money they are after, they also want your data, so do be careful with what you share!

Our events calendar will be released from A-Level results day.


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