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7 must haves for every student room

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If you are like us and spend weeks on Pinterest looking at cool bits for your room then hopefully this list can some things into your Amazon basket.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

So we all need a lamp in our room, mood lighting is key for reading and doing work (because of course that is all you will be doing in your third year) but it also just makes everything seem better.

Got a friend round? Put on some mood lighting.

Want to chill with a film? Put on some mood lighting.

When it comes to lamps it doesn't come much cooler than a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp, they say...hey I like to chill but I'm also smart

Grab yours here

2. A classic poster

Now this is down to you on what your source is but we would 100% recommend an arty classic film poster to make your walls looking cultured but also busy. There is nothing worse than coming back from a long day of lectures and seeing bare cream walls, so why not cover them in a classic Star Wars/Harry Potter poster or why not grab a lovely Zac Efron poster to make your dreams seem has to be done.

Have a look at some great ideas here.

3. Pillows! Cushions!

Now this may be a controversial one but every bed needs a collection of pillows. You know the ones, they make the bed look nice and they always have to match the bedding.

Well because you are still young and cool, why not get one that matches your life goals?

4. everywhere

We all love covering our rooms in memories, whether you put them in frames or whether you make it a bit different, you always have to share some of those classic memories savoured in photographic form.

Their are some really interesting ways of decorating photography now and we think it is a must to get a photography wiring display like this one.

*trying to not reference Nickelback as hard as possible*

5. Mason Jar Glasses

Because drinking out of normal glasses just isn't right?

Take a look if you don't believe us.

6. A cute little set of cacti or plants

When you think about the hipster bedroom set, what comes to mind?

Of course some candles, vinyls and ... a cactus! Why? Well they don't need much attention and they make you look like you are serious about being an adult/the planet. What isn't to like?

This set is super cute.

7. The future...Alexa!

You come home, super tired and just want some background music on or you want to order some food from Deliveroo...well this is why you need an Alexa. Not only can she do those things but the beautiful new friend in your room also can tell you the weather for the day, set alarms for you to wake up and give you recipes...they are genius and soon, everyone everywhere will have one.


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