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Ramadan Reflections

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Ramadan Reflections 2020


With Ramadan drawing to a close this year, it has felt very different!

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar where Muslims fast (don’t eat or drink) from dawn to sunset, this time round Muslims fasted for around 17 hours!

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims normally do activities specifically in this month, and some activities are increased in this month (like reading the Qur’an and increasing in charity), and community activities such as Taraweeh (Night Prayer in Congregation), Communal Iftar (opening fast as a community) & Itikaaf (Staying in the Masjid for the last 10 days).

Due to the to the Covid-19 pandemic, Muslims have been unable to par-take in these festive activities.

With that being said, however, there have been some positives this year:

Appreciation – We don’t only miss the freedom of being able to leave our houses (unless for necessity) and go visit family and friends and socialize, with this lockdown we also appreciate the hard work of community members who work on the frontline and key workers.

Reading – It is very common to set unrealistic goals when trying to give ourselves a target of how much Qur’an to recite this year, however, with the lockdown in place, we have had more of a chance to read and reflect.

Iftaar – Although some of us have been opening fast by ourselves, we appreciate opening fast in gatherings and with family (even if we have been opening fast online via Skype or Zoom, it still isn’t the same, but better than nothing).

E-Learning – This lockdown has also given us an opportunity to get to grips with technology and do some online courses.

Charity – With not being able shop or eat out at restaurants since the lockdown started in 23/03/2020, this has given us more of an opportunity to be more generous and donate to charitable causes.

Peace of mind – Some of us normally have more than one thing on our plate at once, but since the lockdown, we have had more time to rest and to ourselves.

These are the few positives that have come out of this challenging situation we are all facing.

It is important to keep positive and stay safe!


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