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Student Groups in Spotlight: The Performance Society

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What is your Group?  

We are the performance society at UWL, ran by Liam Badgery, the President, Sophie Damant, our Vice President, Madi Sharp, our Social Secretary, and Deal Rolf, our Treasurer. We are a society ran solely for the purpose of creating opportunities for creative student at UWL to perform with other likeminded people. We have been putting on shows since the beginning of last year when we were founded, and plan to continue giving our members opportunities within the uni and Ealing, despite the current situation. With the vast talent within the uni, we are sure that showcasing our ability will show massive rewards, which is what we aim for every one of our members to have the opportunity to do.  

What does your Group Do?  

The performance society is a place for the musicians at UWL to meet and collaborate. Our focus is to help connect artists and showcase the talented musicians around the university. Normally we would hold auditions for performance opportunities around the uni and the Ealing area. But due to the Covid government restrictions and guidelines we have had to hold back from putting on our events. As soon as guidelines change for the better, we will be hosting our events again. Please keep an eye on our social media pages. This is our way of keeping you up to date on what the society is doing. We would love to hear your ideas about what events you would like to see us do in the future. Feel free to contact any of the performance committee as we would love to get you guys as involved as we can during these difficult times. 

Why should you join our Group?  

The Performance Society is a fantastic opportunity to find your way into the local scene through playing with fellow musicians. We aim to expand the horizon for musicians within UWL to be able to play across Ealing. We have a friendly committee and group of members, all who are fantastic musicians striving to better themselves and learn the experiences of live performance. The society depends on every member just as much as the next, and in an attempt to create and play music, work as a team of musicians.  

How much is it to join?  

It is only £5 to join, a one-off payment for the whole year. This covers the membership, which instantly allows you to be part of any events, showcases, rehearsals or auditions we put on throughout the academic year. This also means you will be added to the WhatsApp group chat to get to know the rest of our members, as well as be part of our members only Facebook group, where we look to keep you all updated with new ideas and events we are preparing.  

How can we get in touch with you?  

Here is a link to our Instagram page: 

We also have a Performance Society email address: ? 

Our Facebook non-members page can be found here: 

We also can all be found around uni, or if you feel the need to drop any one of our committee a private message we are easy to find on Facebook and Instagram. 




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