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Top 4 tips on how to have a memorable and fun experience at the university.

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Being a student at UWL, I have explored a few options on how to have a memorable and fun experience at the university.

1) Explore events

  • You will meet new people and make friends

  • A break from your hectic assignments

  • It’s always fun when you attend events

2)  Get festive   

  • You can get involved with the different festivals by attending the events organised by the university. Every year the programs for Christmas, new year, Diwali, Halloween is included.

  • Share the festival rejoice along with your friends and staff and grab a free refreshment

3) Volunteering

  • You will feel a sense of satisfaction when you’re helping people.

  • It’s a change from your normal routine

  • You will cherish these moments later  

4) Join societies

  • UWL has so many societies ranging from sports, dance, music, career, mental health team, support groups and so on.

  • Attend social events and put yourself forward for different roles within a society

  •  Gain leadership skills by becoming a course rep, school rep, student trustee, event coordinator and many more. Always check out the student union website to see what vacancies are available.

I understand that you may be hesitant to begin something new or approach events at first, but I can assure you that once you get involved, you will gain confidence to try new things and you will enjoy it.


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