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Live Sound Society

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About us

The Live Sound Society, a national award nominee, is a group for technicians and engineers to come together and expand their skill set in industry style events and gigs.

The group is for like-minded people who are eager to learn from each other, share experiences and support those new to joining our field.

Our committee is currently putting together a calendar of events for the year to come, from regular gigs, to tech conferences and guest speakers.

Whether you have been teching for years or just want to try something new and learn new skills, come join our crew.


If we get 30 members by October, we will be having a free prize giveaway open to all members, and we will host an event to celebrate this, to get to know each other and welcome new members to our society. Purchasing a membership will give you access to Live Sound Society training sessions, socials and events.


Events and Activities

  • Regular training sessions
  • Regular socials
  • Opportunity to volunteer for events
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Making new contacts

Contact Us

Join our Live Sound Society Freshers Facebook group to ask any questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Instagram @uwllivesound



Below are the positions available when putting yourself forward for a committee position. Some groups may have additional roles to others, so make sure you check them out!

CHAIRPERSON - click here

  • This role is new and includes elements of the President and Vice-Presidents roles. It’s been designed to incorporate some of the administration and face-to-face elements that go into running a society. This person will act as the face of the society and will lead by example!


  • This role is a new role created to reduce the demand on the President and add value to the treasurer role, therefore, it includes elements of the Treasurer roles. It’s been designed to incorporate the behind-the-scenes administrative work and the financial elements that go into running a student group.

EVENTS MANAGER - click here

  • This person will be responsible for motivating, organising and connecting the Student Groups members. They will provide a wide range and inspiring events throughout the year. They will plan events that bring the student group members together. and/or reward volunteers, are successes in order to ensure the future well-being of the Student Group.


  • This person will be responsible for the Student Group communication channels, (inc. Social Media, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Website etc....) are maintained and updated with relevant news stories and information. They will work with all committee members to effectively promote and publicise Student Group events, activities, social events, and any other activities, and to work with the Students’ Union to reward its members in order to ensure the future well-being of the club.

For the full description of the core roles, head over to our webpage to take a look: click here

How do I nominate myself? 

Nominating yourself couldn’t be easier! 

All you need to do is write a short bio (up to 300 words) about who you are, what position you are running for, and why and fill out this google form: HERE