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Sudanese Society

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About us:

The Sudanese society aims to provide an encouraging environment for Sudanese and non-Sudanese students to create a close-nit support network for students to learn from each other. We aim to provide an opportunity for students to meet with one another and network. We also strive for the UWL community to learn about our beautiful Sudanese culture and customs. Sudan is a country that comprises of more than 500 tribes and 115 languages that unite our beautiful nation.

We look forward to hosting events in the coming weeks and would love for you to join our society. All are welcome and one does not need to be of Sudanese origin to join.



Purchasing a £5 membership to the Sudanese Society will give you access to our upcoming social events where you will meet individuals from a variety of different courses. Since this is a new society, we are happy to take considerations and requests for any upcoming events from our members. Feel free to drop us an email should you have any enquiries on

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