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Islamic Society

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About Us

UWL's Islamic Society is simply a small and friendly family made up of students just like you! Our main aim is to convey authentic knowledge of Islam to the masses through a range of weekly classes and socials.

Through these weekly classes and socials, we deliver a healthy dose of Islamic teachings into our lives whilst studying every day. Hold on though! We are NOT limited to just studying/ learning! We also hold events to socialize and have fun- why not make it a memorable experience while you are here! It is encouraged for everyone to relax every now and then :)

We hold Friday prayers (Jummah) which generally would be between 1:10 pm – 1:30 pm which we encourage you to observe and/or join. We have prayer facilities and an ablution area in the “Contemplation Zone” in both Ealing and Brentford campuses.

We are always willing to give students a chance to give a helping hand and gain experience with the Islamic Society. If you believe you have what it takes to help, then simply come forward! 

If you would like to sign up and become a member, grab a membership and then email us! But if you would like to volunteer or simply learn more about Islam, then no worries!
Don't be shy and drop us an email at 

Keep an eye out for our emails! If you are expecting a response from us, please check your junk/ spam folders- it may have accidentally slipped in there. We do reply, I promise! 

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Twitter: @Uwlisoc

Facebook: @UWLIslamicSociety

Snapchat: uwl_islamicsoc