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Oriental Society

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About Us

The Oriental society welcomes EVERYONE who loves to learn, explore and enjoy a variety of oriental cultures, food, and festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival, Aliwan Festival, Lantern Festival, KBBQ, Movie night w/ oriental snacks, trips to Chinatown, Karaoke nights and much more!!! 

Let's get together and have fun!

Join now! 


Events and Activities:

We have a variety of events and activities! We aim to have a balanced numbe of on-campus events and out-of-campus trips. 


On-campus events include:

  • Movie nights w/oriental snacks and drinks 

Watch your favourite films and shows like Parasite, Shang-chi, Love hard, Squid Game, Alice in Borderland with a side of Oriental-branded chips (crisps) and boba or green tea
  • Christmas 'dinner' party! w/ secret santa 

Christmas is around the corner and we'd like to invite you to a Christmas event on campus sharing food, jokes, and gifts around the most exciting time of the year.
  •  Karaoke Night in!

To make our society more affordable - why not join our on campus Karaoke Night in and grab a beer from the SU Freddie's Bar...then sing your heart out!!



Out-of-campus events include:

  • Christmas Winter Wonderland trip

Hyde Park's annual Christmas event is back this year!! Join our society, make some friends, and let's go SIMPLE!
  • KARAOKE @ Lucky Voice Soho 

In Asia, Karaoke bars are a go to social outing with friends!! ??So come and join the society and let's sing our hearts out 
  • KBBQ 

Do you want to enjoy KBBQ paired with Korea's popular alcoholic Soju in Central London?

Chinatown's classic favourites. Who doesn't love a good Boba and some ice cream on the side. There will be plenty of trips trying all flavours and types of BOBA and ICE CREAM! 
  • DIM SUM 

Hong Kong's popular Dim Sum is a MUST here in Chinatown London! Try these delicious dumplings with us and the rest of the members in the society!




Membership fee is at £5. As a member, you will have access to all our on-campus events and activities. As a member, you will also have discounted offers for the out-of-campus events. All out-of-campus events and activities will be detailed through email. The memebrship fee goes towards the running of the society! 

Please Note: Our out-of campus activities expenses will be paid amongst the members that attend (i.e. splitting the bill, paying for your own boba). However, The society will try it's best to negotiate discounts for large group bookings. 

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us from the following platforms:

Facebook: @UWLOrientalSociety

Instagram: @uwl_orientalsociety