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About us

The Society of Photographers and Videographers is the gathering of like-minded individuals interested in the formats of filmmaking and photography.

Although we are mostly composed up of students studying courses relating to these formats, this society is open to everyone.

Our activities and events focus on the works of photographers and videographers in the industry and applying knowledge of technical and artistic skills to the members’ work that will be displayed.

Some of these activities include gallery visits every Thursday, field trips to go out shooting, and giving weekly challenges on the best photos or videos of specific subjects (i.e. animals or people) weekly in order to get our members to improve.

The events are focused on expanding peoples’ knowledge like the workshops that teach people basics and safety and guest lecturers from people in the industry. We also offer help on subjects such as printing and camera basics and services like headshots and promotional videos.

We look forward to working with those who share our interests and or want to use our services. Our crew are trained in how to operate equipment and gear, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

  • President: Edward Perry
  • Vice President: Esteban Riaza
  • Treasurer: James Murray
  • Social Secretary: Johnny Wilson
  • Technicians: Joanne Kempe, Leah Katan, Esteban Riaza
  • Equipment Managers: Shanice Samra and Rebecca Atkinson



Events and Activities

  • Gallery visits (Every Thursday)
  • Offer help (technical skills such as printing, dark room, camera basics) and tutorials
  • Offer services like headshots, event photography, concert photography, music photography, team photoshoots, video shoots
  • Give tips on how to interact with clients and photography
  • Showing off work (monthly) both photography and video
  • Hanging up photos for galleries in the University
  • Field trips and assigned days for going to shoot photos and videos (afterwards to the pub)
  • Set challenges for people (assignments due on a certain day and or competitions on the best photo or video of a chosen subject (i.e. animals or people))
  • Workshops to educate people on health, safety, and technical matters.
  • Guest lectures from people in the industry

Contact Us

You can join our WhatsApp group, connect with us on Instagram or chat to us over on Facebook.