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About us

We are a community of UWL students who advocate for sustainabilty. We want to combine environmental knowledge and actions that, all together, can have a positive impact on the planet.  We want to start numerous environmental initiatives on campus and rise to the worldwide challenge we are facing.

You are urgently needed 

It has been labelled climate "change", but the phenomenon we are witnessing should be better termed: climate crisis. A crisis that stems not exclusively from gas emissions, from plastics, from wild habitat loss, but rather a crisis generated by how we, as human beings, have been interacting with the world that surrounds us. The Earth is being exploited to guarantee a high standard of living for the ever-growing population of humans. Scientists clearly declared that, if we do not correct our behaviours as soon as possible, we will face a very gloomy future. Our generation has a huge responsibility, we need to rise to the challenge- together we can inspire each other into changing our behaviours as well as communicating the same passion to those yet to come. 

Sustainability - why?

There are a lot of challenges that our planet is currently facing like global warming, water & air pollution, deforestation, waste, and poverty that can be tackled by a sustainable approach. Sustainability is not just a theoretical thinking and is not limited to the environment. It includes three main pillars: economy, society, and environment - working altogether. Sustainability is about doing real things and changing our daily lives, by accepting and adopting new behaviour. For example, in economics sustainability activists now  promoting “circular economy”, substituting the old-fashioned “make-use-dispose” approach. For someone, sustainability is associated with reducing consumption itself.  And it only sounds difficult. With like-minded people around who can offer you not only a piece of valuable advice, but also support, a sustainable approach can be fun and easy. 


Our roadmap will be theme-based articulated, and the themes we will touch on are the following:

  • Halloween, Christmas, and general festivities-waste awareness
  • Fast-fashion
  • Animal products dietary consumptions
  • Plastics
  • Others, TBC

Further, we are planning to bring the students to act by taking part in environment-related manifestations that will occurr across London.