Urban Dance

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About us

The new and improved Urban Dance Society is a community to share, represent and explore the values and dance styles embedded in the Urban Dance culture.

Our community is all about having fun, learning and developing your dance skills as well as socialising with like-minded people.

We give our members the chance to not only gain more confidence in themselves but also to develop their creativity, take on new challenges and show themselves all the things they are capable of!

Our classes are inclusive, completely beginner-friendly and free of judgement - everyone has to start somewhere!



Purchasing our membership grants you full access to:

  • Events and activities
  • Online dance classes
  • Class passes to attend dance sessions on campus (when it's safe to do so)


Events and Activities

As a member of our society you can take park in:

  • Dance classes (twice a week): develop you dance skills by learning vocabulary, choreography and technique
  • Cyphers and dance battles: share your own style, gain confidence and practise your moves together with other members
  • Socials: movie nights, clubbing, bowling... You'll never get bored!
  • Workshops with industry professionals
  • Events and shows in collaboration with other societies
  • Volunteer opportunities: teach your favourite style or film choreographies for our society Instagram page!

Please note that these events are subject to change in favour of online or socially distanced activities, but you can be certain that whatever form this year takes, Urban Dance Society will be right there having great fun!


Contact Us

Feel free to drop us any queries via: