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Mixed Hockey

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About us

Uni can be a lonely and scary place. Here at the UWL Mixed Hockey Society we pride ourselves on being one of the most diverse and socially inclusive sports societies available. With the society being open to all abilities, we aim to create a fun atmosphere and environment by expanding and improving upon people's individual and unique talents without the pressure of trying to ‘catch up’ and perform at the more experienced players level. 

With a sports group as open and diverse as UWL Mixed Hockey we boast in our ability not to take ourselves to seriously as a hardcore ‘competitive sports’ society but more of a fun team in which you can make friends and meet people whilst getting away from the stresses of uni work, and getting those fitness levels up. However, this isn't to say there are no competitive opportunities available with events such as varsity, match days with other universities, and local professional game viewings also planned throughout the future year.

All in all if you want the privileges of being in a sports society but the chilled social element of a normal society then we would love for you to give hockey a try. All people are welcome no matter your abilities, level or gender. We look forward to meeting you all!


Hockey membership grants you a wide range of opportunities to help students completely make the most of their university experience.

Membership includes training sessions every week of the uni year, as well as match days and a variety of different socials. We aim to host at least 1 big social event a month, however, as per tradition we will also hold a small social after each training session at the local pub. 

Being in a sports society also allows for the opportunity to take part in the annual tour where each sport team goes to a foreign destination to party/chill for a week.

This membership cost includes the cost of pitch hire as well as purchasing of new equipment and any transport cost for distance matches.

The social membership is a special membership we are including which excludes a person from training, but will still allow for the member to use all the perks of being in a sports society as well as taking part in all of our member only social events.

Membership cost: £70
Social Membership cost: £20

Events and Activities

We train every Monday at 7:30 and host socials after every training session as well as most weekends. We are not only a sports team but we are here for you if you have any problems and questions as a fresher.

Contact Us

Drop us a DM on Instagram.